Common Causes That Lead To Transformer Failure

A Transformer is the heart of power distribution system as its main function is to deliver the power without changing the voltage frequency. No doubt, it is available in different classifications and has the ability to bear the high voltage load, but they also have some operating limits and going beyond them may cause their failure. The damage not only limited to the device itself, but also to the overall system, application or man working over the device. In an order to limit these losses, you first have to understand their main causes. So, let’s get to know about them first.

Common Causes Of Transformer Failures Are As Follow:

Overloading: One of the main reasons behind the transformer failure is overloading problem. Each and every unit has a nameplate that displays the load it has the ability to bear and when any of your application exceeds that load, so, it may lead the device to failure due to overloading. In an order to give your device protection from the same, you have to operate it below the nameplate volt-rating or buy the device that has the capacity to bear the load of your application.
Oil Contamination: Contamination in oil can be the major reason behind the transformer failure as it results in sludging and humidity in the oil that further leads to the problem. Therefore, it is important to filter the oil after a while to ensure the smooth and long-lasting performance of the device.
Line Surge: Voltage Spikes, Line Surges, Line Faults are some of the common reasons that can cause the transformer failure. Therefore, it is important to pay proper attention to the surge protection as it helps to avoid such problem in no time.
Winding Failures: This can also be the reason behind the transformer failure and it basically occurs because of the turn-turn, open winding phase-phase or phase-ground fault. In an order to prevent the condition of the short circuit or winding failure, it is important to ensure all the windings or cores are properly connected to each other.

These are a few reasons that can cause the transformer failure and their easy solution to prevent the condition. So, keep them in your mind while installation, operating or maintaining the device for the very next time as your safety is in your own hands and compromising with it is like dicing with death, which nobody wants.